sUBtitLEd fOR reTArds (hOMe paGe)

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Magical Business Ideas

With Guru 'Godlike Thought'

ArtWoRx & MoNGol oFFerInGs

Oh mine eyes!

Perversity is a Hospital

Prose from the undergrowth

Notes from a Dirty Recluse

Outsider Lifestyle Blog

CoCK Rock WRiTing CoRP.

intERcePTEd CellULar MESsaGEs

Prose n Shit

Yeah, we like prose cunt

Cricket as an Antidepressant

The Soothing Balm

Writing Effective Suicide Notes

Don't let your last act look like the scrawl of a retard!

"we gets baked on the good shit mate"

Come closer little bug and feel my bombast

StiCK IT uP YoUR BaCk dOoRsill!


Go get yourself check ed out by the bum doctor! We've heard that you need it

CUnTS! CRACker FacToRY...

BUm stEERing the ChaPEl BuSS

Get fucked by the meat-machine! It's a real treat xxo

Meat-machine tastes likey Mikey... I gots the jitters! Look at my bouncing ball-bag! FUCK U Kaaaren!


Sed Launtimums CUnty FactorY WORkeRS R aLL LESBian ConsPiRACy PirAtes


Hello. This is a cry for help. Please help me. I'm trapped in the basement of a kiddie fiddler. He's not a pedo, he makes violins out of children and then plays them all day long...

DAMN Son! YoUR BArrACKerS R ShownIN!

YOu bE PicKIn COTtOn Son! NoW U KNoW hOw IT feeLS CraCKer-JIM! U sO WhITe BiNG CRosBY's riSEn FrOM tHe deAD tO SUe YOur ASS fOR bREachIng COPyRiGHT! ONly BInG cAn haVE an XMas thAT WHITE!!

Donuts r good for front bums... keeps the Red Wave at bay!

Plug it UP yOU VILe WEncH

Latest CUNT flAPs For HIRAGE

KiLL aLL DumB BLatChes