Starss n Strips

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Kill da Habitat and rape the planet’s juicy mousetrap! If the Birds and Beasts can’t stop us, then they forfiet their rights to survive… Only humans gots the pepper! Who’s got the pepper baby! Papa’s got you covered gurrrl… this tongue has magical sex powers! It’s like a little worm of pleasure, wrigglin on your bits till you SCREAM! It’s my little Orgasim Slug baby, and it wants to be a slimey little freak all up inside your lady cave!
Give us all the Money! $1000 smackers, all in dimes & peso’s, packed in a bag made of recycled woolen hats… the Orphanage of Priceless Sex Acts made me STRONGER THAN SATANS HEEL! 
When the going gets tough, the Guru goes wigga and shoots you in the face, you wrinkled crone! PEACE!

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