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 wizardry comes from the belief that self is more cunning than virtue.

what if all interactions were the dreams of imaginary castles? Like desperate evenings, all hallucinations begin at the lowest point, then climb into themselves like ghost adventurers.

It is here, among the shaded arches, that all life begins anew. When death comes ashore, greet her with abandon and bed her in the reeds.








Destruction is the process of salvation

self consumes what it cannot fathom


There is none to be found among the reeds.


it is not enough to wait for brilliant climax


you don't matter to anyone


pleasure is a perspective shared by all who journey in shadow

vomit up your worries and rummage around in it for treasures

gold is worth less than painful memories

Messages from the Rat-trap

Our Latest Voyage Was Overrated 

come inside little priest

let it all rot

self–hatred is logical

Find Out More About Sin

Jesus spread his corruption through the application of advanced sin generation. Learn how from our resident sin experts. No pedo’s please.


Weep during business meetings

Share Nothing With These Leeches.

They hate you for your talents and laugh at your weaknesses.

rape yourself on dates

Come For a Free Death



death valley 69

place name

the globe

Add to the carnage