About Bombast!

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Picked a bad week to give up sniffing glue…

Bombast! is an unintentional, free-for-all, website pastiche, where a bunch of outcasts, outsiders and loser freaks get to establish their own world order, and manipulate reality for their own entertainment. If this site was run by rich kids, it would be awful. Thankfully, it’s run by a collection of ne’er do wells, ex-criminals, alcoholics, prescription pill junkies, sexual deviants, recluses… outsiders, in other words. We post whatever we want on this site, and don’t care what you think about it (unless you like it, and want to become a contributor). Bombast! will always be free… no hidden content, no paywalls and above all, no holds barred. Those interested in contributing, donating or soliciting sexual acts should email us at cockrockwritingcorp@gmail.com.