The Transcendent Spirit and Poetry of Courage

THE TRANSCENDENT SPIRIT AND POETRY OF COURAGE (Cricket as an Antidepressant) Sometimes when feeling particularly downtrodden by the demands and pulsing terrors of daily tasks and work-life indecencies, I take an hour for myself, away from the dreary routine, to watch old footage of my favourite cricketers in their finest>>>

Modern fatigue and the meandering waves of test match cricket

Modern fatigue and the meandering waves of test match cricket (Cricket as an Antidepressant) To be tired for the bulk of your waking life is to be the deliverer of weariness upon everything that you put your hand to. It is a great sadness to see the reflection of your>>>

Draft Post Template (for retards)

 wizardry comes from the belief that self is more cunning than virtue.what if all interactions were the dreams of imaginary castles? Like desperate evenings, all hallucinations begin at the lowest point, then climb into themselves like ghost adventurers.It is here, among the shaded arches, that all life begins anew. When>>>

A Return of the Village Cinder Eaters

A return of the village cinder eaters Pristine and Lovely Sometimes the thought comes, pristine and unlovely. A distant empty field recognisable in its ambiguity. The nothingness of things. It is the continuing form that becomes unfamiliar – the dresser, the lampshade, the worn-down chair. They exist in the outer>>>