THe tIMinG oF FLOwErs – TEn yeARs OF waitINg

maMMotH cOCk eATiNg COntESt!!! pSyCho bILLy & hIs gARganTUan gOOns cIRcLE roUNd tHe rETireMeNT vILLaGe (tHE tiMIng oF FLoweRS) Above the dim hills, where the moon hangs itself upon every evening, I can see the fingerprint of years. The stars are not beautiful to me, they mar my vision of>>>

THe eND oF tHiNgS – bIRds AnD tHiNGS

fudgebook fudgebook this dick this dick (perverse hospital) The End of Things – Birds and Skulls Summer has no valid beginning for those of us who live in cave-houses. There are no seasonal markers of light, sound or species. Just the endless breathing of underground water and the ceaseless scurry>>>

Loveless Morning – Song of Spring

Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address 1 Loveless Morning – Song of Spring Haunted Sparrows The Troublesome Morals of ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ The Transcendent Spirit and Poetry of Courage Modern fatigue and>>>

Song-less Poverty – Itinerant Mercy

Songless Poverty – Itinerant Mercy      Silent music from the hidden swamp Unlike the meaninglessness of empty signs and broken totems, these haunted seconds inflame the soul’s bright ferocity to feel and ignite new wonder. The muddy steps, where the faultless day gave birth to song-less wonder, are worn and rounded>>>