Cricket as an Antidepressant

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Time for the heavy roller

Nothing's that important

The Gentlemen's Sport acts as a Soothing Balm for all who Enter

Come hither and be made whole again


To dwell in the soothing balm of cricket is to wander through one’s surroundings like a poet among the pines. It is to enjoy the journey and not the destination. As the external world descends more and more into a state of maniacal panic, the blessed halls of cricket are there to welcome the observer in for much needed rest and gentleness. The world is usually full contact so it is a great boon that this majestic sport isn’t.

So, we present to you Cricket as an Antidepressant… Think of this not as a blog so much as a beacon, a bastion and a gathering place for all people with raw nerves and modern fatigue to come and be soothed in the rose-scented bosom of that ever faithful matriarch, Madam Cricket.